Code Switch With Keallah

Building the life that you want and deserve requires agility, persistence and a brand new blueprint.  Don't just 'stick to the code'.  It's time to switch it up! 


It's time we switch the narrative

The days of thinking about money as a taboo topic are gone.  The old blueprint to success and financial freedom are outdated.  It's time to switch it up! 

Code Switching with Keallah is about empowering and educating women and families on how to build a successful businesses, generate multiple streams of income and properly manage their finances. 




Decoding Finance


Financial Literacy for Kids

Did you know that you can start building wealth TODAY? Warren Buffett bought his first share of stock at 11 years old. Learn how to navigate the world of investing in the stock market, money management and the basics of credit and banking.

Notorious B.I.G. once said, "more money, more problems," but that only applies when we don't know how to properly manage our finances.  In my Decoding Finance financial literacy course, I cover a range of finance topics including credit, investing, banking, the time value of money and more.




Quick & Easy Ways to Make Money Online

If the current times have taught us anything, it's that you must secure multiple streams of income to be financially secure. 

I started my Side Hustle thinking I could make an extra $100-200 per month to put towards future vacations. Never did I imagine that I could grow my Side Hustles to bring in $3,000 + per month. 

 In my e-Book, I share how I made over $3,000 in one month from my side hustle and teach you how you can start making money from your own Side Hustle!


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