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Don't just stick to the code.

After a decade in the corporate work force, I knew the "American Dream" of climbing the corporate ladder while working your butt off until you are 62 was not my dream. This Blueprint was not longer sustainable for me.  So I had to make a change.

That change consists of creating multiple streams of income, including income from real estate, Financial Literacy courses, an e-book and more.  In December of 2019, I became inspired to create a platform that would empower women to generate multiple streams of income as well by building successful side hustles and properly manage their finances to create the life they want to live.

I currently offer an e-book teaching people how to create multiple streams of income as well as a suite of Financial Literacy classes.

So, if you’re looking for a change, it’s time to switch up the code! Learn more about my offerings here and let’s get started!


Keallah Smith

Founder of Code SwitcHER


Financial Literacy Panel

Catch me on the Financial Literacy Panel of Work it Mommy's podcast for the latest and greatest financial tips for you and your little ones.