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January 2021 Side Hustle Income Breakdown

Hey Hey Hey!

If you're like me, you like making goals. I use the SMART Goal template to make goals that are practical and achievable. So, to start off 2021, I created my Side Hustle income goal and posted it on IG.

Well, here we go!

But first, let me lead by saying that some of my streams of income are subject to seasonality and I expected January to be not as strong as some other months, so I set my Side Hustle income goal to a modest $2,000. At the time of making the goal, I wasn't even sure if I was going to make it because I didn't have $2,000 worth of income booked for the month of January.

But the goal is CRUSH!


Public Classes offered on Outschool (Net Amount) $1,449

Private Financial Literacy Classes $390

Short Term Rental Income $358

Long Term Rental Income $777

Most of the Outschool classes taught were on Financial Literacy but I also made money from my Monopoly and Star Wars Outschool classes.

In January, all of my Private Financial Literacy for Kids classes were for Jack and Jill of America chapters. For private classes, I customize the content according to the time frame and age group. If you are interested in a Private Financial Literacy class, please contact me at

If you've been following me on IG, you've probably noticed that we've recently purchased our first Short Term rental property (think Air BnB or VRBO) in Kissimmee. Our home first went live for rentals in October 2020 and we've had steady bookings but it took a few months to start generating cash. We first had to build up our Reserve balance with our Property Managers, which meant all initial income went to this account. Then we had to cover basic expenses for getting the property up and running such as new locks/keypads etc. But now, we are starting to see profits.

Our Long Term Rental income comes from our tenants in another rental property that we've had for a few years. This includes Net Income from the rental home after paying the mortgage on the home.

Now, time for a new month and higher goals!

If you haven't already get your copy of Quick & Easy Ways to Make Money Online Now to get your Side Hustle Income rollin!

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